MALAS Nour, English for Philosophy Students (Niveaux intermédiaires : de B1 à C1)

2022-2023 — Semestre 1
Lundi 9h-12h
Licence ouvert Master
English for Philosophy Students
(Niveaux intermédiaires : de B1 à C1)
This course intends to help students improve their knowledge and appreciation of the English language from various traditions and civilizations. It will also enable the students to acquire the communication skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing through a student-centred approach comprising skills of intensive and extensive readings, written, listening and oral communications. Students with intermediate to developed English skills (from B1 to C1 English levels) will be able to develop analytical skills and aesthetic sensibilities that will enable them to read, comprehend, and evaluate significant works of philosophy, literature, and other texts. Furthermore, this course will provide students with opportunities to develop the ability to think logically and critically, speak and write effectively, appreciate the complexity and diversity of world cultures, and participate in the discipline. It will also assist students in problem-solving in creative and interdisciplinary ways, as well as in acquiring the skills necessary to succeed in their philosophical program.
Indications bibliographiques :
A bibliography will be distributed to students at the beginning of the semester.