FERREIRA DA SILVA Denise, On Interiority. Chaire Internationale de Philosophie Contemporaine

Semestre 2
Mercredi 15h-17h
Dates : February 15 ; February 22, March 08 ; March 29 ; April 12 ; April 19 ; May 10 ; and May 24
Le séminaire comprend 8 séances de deux heures chacune, en anglais, il est validable au même titre que les autres cours ouverts en Master et Licence.
Master et Licence
Chaire Internationale de Philosophie Contemporaine
On Interiority
If every concept, like any other modern tool for thinking, cannot but presuppose interiority as its domain of operation, how can the latter be brought under interrogation - how can interiority itself become available to its own (our mental) tools ? In this seminar we consider whether the tools of raciality (that is, racial difference and cultural difference), which is the symbolic arsenal that plays in both the ethic-economic and an ethic-juridic corner of the liberal political architecture, can guide an analysis of interiority able to expose how it has operated in the accumulation of capital in the past two hundred years or so. The core formulation of interiority engaged here is the on presented in Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason and Critique of Practical Reason, namely the formal thing or “unity of apperception.” Both books will be read with theoretical contributions that frame raciality as a political concept, such as (Gayatri C. Spivak’s, David C. Lloyd’s, Sylvia Wynter’s, Judith Butler’s, Frantz Fanon’s, C.L.R James’s, Édouard Glissant’s. Through these interventions we will read re-presentations of the Kantian Formal thing, the thing of interiority (the subject, subjectivity or the first-person singular) —, such as Husserl’s, Heidegger’s, Lacan’s, Foucault, Deleuze & Guattari’s) — that render it a crucial aspect of the liberal political entity.
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