CAYGILL Howard. An Introduction to the Reading of Kant’s Opus Postumum

2019-2020 – Semestre 2
Jeudi 9h-12h
Licence, Master
An Introduction to the Reading of Kant’s Opus Postumum
Kant’s controversial final work - the Opus Postumum - overturned many of the positions of the critical philosophy as well as proposing the outline of a post-critical metaphysics. The manuscript text shows Kant’s philosophising as a dynamic process of thought in becoming, an experiment with materials drawn from the history of philosophy and the natural and human sciences. The course will offer an introduction to the work beginning with the character of the text itself and moving to the analysis of the various phases of its composition. It will situate the text with respect to the contemporary lectures on pragmatic anthropology and physical geography as well as to the post-critical philosophies of Fichte and Schelling. It will conclude with a reading of the proposed future metaphysics sketched in the so-called Fascicle 1, Kant’s last word.
Indications bibliographiques :
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